cont’d: Douchebaggery-Be-Gone

Continued From Last Time:

#4. Does he seems sneaky?  Does he lie?  Does he omit things that should have been said?  In my mind, secrets are the same thing as a lie.  There shouldn’t be things that CAN’T be talked about.

#5. Watch out for the die-hard Narcissist’s.  These are the one’s who try to one-up you every time you say something.  It’s not like: “Oh yeah, something like that happened to me once, I can identify with that,” it’s like: “Oh YEAH, well SOMETHING like THAT happened to me once, and it was WAY more [Awesome, Painful, Smart, Stupid, etc.]  These are the guys that think they are always “teaching” you something.  They’ve done everything, they KNOW everything, and they LOOOOOOOVE to hear themselves talk.  Don’t buy into it.  They are NOT that awesome.  Nobody is.

Okay, gotta go–to be continued.


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