Have A Dollar For Something Better?

I haven’t done this before, but since this qualifies as Extenuating Circumstances, I have decided to post what I really do for work.  Please Help If You Can.

These are the sorts of updates I am getting from Euan’s mother:

 “we are waiting for operation for gtube, ptrygium in both his eyes, unhealed wounds on his knees, frequent eyes hurt from light and malnourished in his age 14 kilos in 7 yrd old boy mam

he needs regular wound care dressings, vitamins as posted in my wall mam

regular check on his throat on how it gets narrow each time it has blister or in monthly mam

extra fund incase of emergencies mam like hospitalization mam”

Chat Conversation End

What this means is that this bilingual, brilliant, desperate woman’s Son is suffering from a disease that makes the skin blister and shear away at the least amount of friction, requiring a large amount of expensive and highly specialized wound and bandage material EVERY DAY and she lives in a country where medical care has to be paid for up front.  Please help.


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