Back To Reality…


Well, I made it through the first week with the boys back.  My body hates me right now.  Rheumatoid Arthritis and 30lb children in a tiny apartment with stairs is no picnic.  No internet, no phone to boot, which sucks more than I can even express.  It’s like a recipe for Seasonal Affective Disorder: take away all money, means of travel, and communication with the outside world.  Add 2 Toddlers and lots of snow.  Shake well.  Voila!

Aaaaand whuddyaget?


Luckily, I still have Mr. Anderson (sometimes), and Melvin to count on when we need something.  I filed for mediation for the case with Lilly, but when the mediator called Mike to set up a time, he said that he wasn’t willing to budge, so there was no use going.  So he is literally forcing me to go to the Judge to decide.  THAT is going to take some doing.  In other news, my Omnibus Petition to Suppress Evidence is going to be heard on the 22nd, a mere three days away.  And I am focusing on the positive—Melvin found an apartment across town that has the same rent but is a lot bigger, so that’s good news.  We can move as soon as they replace the carpets.  That’s the only downside—the ENTIRE place is carpeted, because it’s cheaper than linoleum—even the bathroom and kitchen.  Ugh.  No wonder there were three vacuum cleaners left when the last people got kicked out.  It also reeks of cat pee, so I hope replacing the carpet helps.  I like it because there are no stairs, and TONS of windows.  I’m going to need some curtains……

That’s about it for today, Jaxon and Henry’s colds and breathing problems have cleared right up since they’ve been home (and being properly medicated), and they seem to be adjusting well, save for Henry’s night terrors.  I hate that.  I hate that his first traumatizing experience was at 18 months old.  Now he’s scared of everything.  It’s horrible.  Jaxon seems to be more resilient than Henry, and just sort of rolls with the punches.  Potty training is fun J  This apartment may well smell like little boy pee by the time we leave.  Okay, time to take pictures!


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