Punitive Damages…

Where do I start?  I mean, how can I even define the feelings I have when, for instance—now when somebody knocks on my door, instead of us all cheerily singing, “Come iiiiiiiiiinnnn!”, like we used to, now the children drop whatever they are doing and run to me, terrified.

How do I explain that?

How do I put into words that what has happened to us is a travesty in the worst way because you took my children’s SENSE OF SAFETY IN THEIR OWN HOME AWAY. 

How do I say…that we all cry sometimes at bedtime because now the dark is scary and it wasn’t before.

How do I say…my sons cling to me and claw at me, have to be attached, touching, and/or within eyesight almost every second I am with them instead of playing and developing and wondering and being happy and creative like they were before because they are afraid someone is going to take them away from me.

How do I say…you created the Worst Day Of My Life already for two little boys who are only 2?

How do I say…how incredibly agonizing it is to hear them cry when I have to give them away because of you?

How do I say…You Have Hurt Them Forever Now And You Can’t Take It Back.  Shame On You.

If you look up the word “Punitive” and ask for synonyms, Google gives you this:

Harsh, severe, stiff, stringent, burdensome, demanding, crushing, crippling; high, sky-high, inflated, exorbitant, extortionate, excessive, inordinate, unreasonable.

Yeah—you did that kind of damage.

What do YOU say to that?


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