Court And Catfights…

Back to court this morning.  This time was because after the October 2nd incident in which I was late  getting home from a doctor’s appointment, and so my sister was left in custody of my children, locking all doors except one into the main house.  When I called all of the 3 cell phones and the house phone between my mother, sister, and father, who all reside together, and got no answer, I went to their residence to pick up my children.  I entered through the one unlocked door.  My sister then promptly got on the phone with her boyfriend (who is also my parent’s attorney in this matter) and spun a story of my smelling of alcohol and being enraged and irrational, prompting him to tell her to call the state police and press trespassing charges against me, which she did.  I had come directly from a doctor’s appointment.

In any case, this is a story that has been told before, and I won’t repeat it ad-nauseum…the point is that this prompted me to file paperwork for special relief, contempt of court, and a motion for dismissal of our current agreement, which ends on 1/8/2016, in which I get custody of my boys back, and only have to relinquish them to the Bonczar’s once monthly for one weekend.  I filed this paperwork in October, and it has been continued until now.  I have completed random drug testing, have complied with “probationary supervision,” and still have CYS invading my house at their every whim.

What seems bizarre to me…is that at all of these hearings…the judge gives to me the same speech about how this “family” needs to  “heal,” and seems to be impressing on ME to somehow give THEM a break in this situation!!  I meeeeaaaannnnn…..since when does THAT sort of sentiment qualify in situations where the family has (and has ALWAYS had save for brief periods involving special needs babies) an extremely contentious and estranged relationship???  This man brought up in a sort of nostalgic and wistful way of how he was hard on his own children during their upbringing!  I wanted to scream, “UM, DID YOU NOT HEAR ME???  I’M A THIRTY-FOUR YEAR OLD WOMAN!!!”

I mean…if these people are filing lawsuits and taking custody of children away from their mothers in order to teach some sort of sick “lesson” about who’s in charge and who “know’s best,” instead of ACTUALLY HELPING, doesn’t THAT in and of itself make THEM unfit to be raising [more] children???

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