Of Fundraising Five Year Old’s and Fuckwits…

“We need to have a ‘lil chat,” is never a good way to be on the receiving end of a conversation.  This is what Mike, Lilly’s father, led with today.  He ignored me when I asked why he hadn’t returned my phone call from the day before, and when on to tell me that I  needed “to be careful” with what I tell Lilly about money.  Intrigued, I asked what the Hell he was talking about.  He went on to tell me that my little girl was going around to her friends asking to combine piggy banks with them in order to help her mother out with money.

My response?

Well, color me One Proud Mommy.  Over here I was worried that none of me was rubbing off on her!  Over here on this side of the fucking planet, WE HELP others that are in need, and I am so glad that my little girl has the amount of empathy and compassion it takes to be that generous.  Incredulous, Mike sneered that I would be the ONLY one in the universe that would be proud of that, and hung up on me.

So here’s the question, Mikey–Are ya just mad that your five year old has more common decency than you?


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