Ever Wanted A Margarita At 8am??

It is 11am.  My day started seven hours ago.   Here’s the thing though–my boys are sitting on my kitchen table right now rifling through my purse (Henry is trying to open a compact and Jaxon is putting lipstick on)–I can’t stop smiling.

Both of my boys went Pee On The Potty last night, and well, Rose Plum isn’t a bad shade on Jaxon at all.

I’m dead tired, broke as shit, fighting like Hell for these kids–throwing every shred of paperwork I can think of at the Courthouse–and…I just couldn’t be more happy to be me right now, as in this very moment.  I get my Lil this afternoon, and I’m sensing big things on The Horizen.  Like a scholarship to go back to school and  a move?  We’ll see.

Opportunities for Happiness are fleeting and…if you don’t keep your head up and your eyes open, then…you can miss them altogether, right?

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