Toooooomorrow, Tomorrow, I Luv Ya, Tomorrow–It’s Only A Day Aaaaaawayyy…

So first, I thought I’d celebrate the fact that I have all three of [MY OWN] children back in my house again tomorrow, since it’s been since this past June that I was allowed to do that, unsupervised, and overnight.

Which is an amazing, wonderful gift that I will cherish to the Moon and back, nevermind all the rest right now.

I just can’t think about it any more.  It never ends.  Today I got a letter in the mail from the Public Defender’s Office–who represent me in my CRIMINAL Charges–harassment, harassment raised to stalking (>>>>>!!!!!!) Child Endangerment, bla bla whatever they can tack on to make it more…….

ANYWHO, the letter was a copy of a request sent by the DA in this town, One Andy Watson, who apparently takes pleasure in Raping People Of Their Souls, stating that I had “willfully violated” the part of the bail agreement that stated that I would not participate in “further criminal activity.”

My “further criminal activity” was my twin sister, Jaimi Hajzus, pressing TRESPASSING charges when I walked through her apartment–which used to be my parent’s garage–to get to the main house, where my children were.

Walked through it.

And he’s requesting Jail Time.

Welp.  I guess if I don’t blog for a few days you can assume that I’ve been locked up in the Potter County Jail for walking through a place I used to live.  And was told would always be welcome there.

My, my, how things change.

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