Victory…With Provisions


Updates on court:

Waaaayelllllll……….I didn’t have to use the witnesses I subpeona’d, which is always a good thing.  That means we settled without going to trial.  I doubt I’ll get so lucky with my parents, who have LOADS of money to spend ruining me and my children’s lives—and apparently a LOT of free time too, since they show up at EVERY hearing and sit on THE OPPOSITE SIDE of the Courtroom, workday or not.

When I asked them where my OTHER two children were (that THEY are supposed to be caring for), I wasn’t surprised that it was one Georgeanna Decarlo, former friend of mine for SEVENTEEN YEARS, who wrote me off faster than the lies could even roll off Brenda’s tongue back in June.  Jaxon came to me today with a bunch of flea bites on him.


THESE are the people that are the “FIT PARENTS,” RIGHT???!

The ones I’m supposed to be aspiring to be like??

MmmHmm.  Moving on.

When court recessed for lunch, I had the amazing opportunity to run into an old (ACTUAL) friend from way back, and when I told her why I was wearing a power dress with 3 inch heels and a briefcase (um, if you haven’t been keeping up it’s because ahem…I’m a FUCKING ATTORNEY IN MY SPARE TIME NOW!!!  And that is because I am poor.  Because blogging doesn’t pay.  And neither does being an Independent Author or being a Mommy OR being a Pretend Lawyer), and she immediately swept me up in a giant bear hug and started praying.  Now that’s my kind of people.

Daniel Lang, Michael’s gangly, 12-year old (at least he wore pants that were long enough for him this time), Jim Carrey-esque Attorney DID, in fact, show up for him, [even though he had tried to get a Continuance on the grounds that he just absolutely could not be there] and when I said wryly at the end of the THIRD hour of arguing back and forth, “I hope he’s paying three-hundred dollars an hour for you,” he replied:
“I’m not that good.”

Agreed, Buster.

Anyway, they agreed to let me have Lil back in my house for Wednesday’s and every 1st, 3rd, 5th weekend.  Yeah.  Fifth.  So, four times a year, I get two weekends in a row.


This was with about a thousand stipulations on my part, such as me having  to agree to MIKE demanding drug tests of me if he “suspects” my being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which is a 24 hour, 7 day a week belief that he holds as always being true, by the way….as well as him being able to inspect my house for “safety,” which could mean any number of things, never mind that this house is already inspected by the Housing Authority periodically as well as SEVERAL CYS caseworkers on a weekly basis….my being in therapy, taking my medications properly, bla bla, same old, same old….my life is Hellish right now…..oh, and no men overnight.  Nice.  I knew they’d be throwing in the slut thing eventually.

Just remember Mikey—the no men overnight thing–that goes for you too!  I know that’s gonna be a toughie for ya’, but  try to hang in there buddy, it’ll get better.  You can just go right ahead and be yourself someday—just not today.


I don’t care.  I get to see Lilly tomorrow.  And then again on Friday.

So—you guys go ahead and have a GREAT time talking shit about me and pissing and moaning about the Justice System this weekend while drinking coffee together and pretending that Brenda’s not in love with Mikey (sorry Bill…and Brenda)—me and my three will be having a FANTASTIC time over here laughing, loving each other, and not giving a shit about what you think of us—like a real family.


4 thoughts on “Victory…With Provisions

  1. I’ve been reading your blogs when you post them (and when my news fedds actually shows them ung facebook) and everytime I read them in always think the same thing “after all this woman has been through….why would people do her this way… what happened to helping each other up instead of pushing each other down?” Praying for you.

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