Legal Garbage Update


Sooooo….on the news front with legal garbage—

Of COURSE BOTH sides against me filed for Continuances because they wouldn’t have legal counsel at the time—WHICH I SINGLE-HANDEDLY GOT MOVED TO TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH!!!!

I’M LIKE—Okay, so it’s perfectly fine for you guys to try to fucking rake me over the coals because I DON’T have an attorney every Goddamned chance you get—but when YOU don’t have and attorney, it’s a fucking crisis, right?

Ha!!  I’d LOVE to see them try to represent themselves, like I have been doing since JUNE.  Here’s all the things I’m required to do:

  1. Random Drug Testing
  2. Random Home Visits By CYS Workers
  3. Draw Up Legal Documents BY MYSELF, And Represent Myself In Court
  4. Parenting Support Groups
  5. Therapy At Least Once Weekly
  6. Prove That I Take My Medication as Directed
  7. See A Psychiatrist
  8. Pay Monthly Fines, Or Else A Bench Warrant Will Be Issued For My Arrest
  9. Try To Support Myself (And My Children When I Have Them) On Almost A ZERO Income

Guess what they have to do?


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