Well–Here’s The Update, I Guess……

I am exhausted.

I have no idea where Lilly was this evening–I waved when Mike Ingalls’ (her father) truck went by Melvin and I while we were walking the boys in the wagon.  He drove by because he is the announcer for the football game.  I have to listen to his voice for several hours each time there is a football game.  This is his “dedicating his life to Lilly,” according to my mother’s testimony.  Yup.  And being the Fire Chief of Roulette and being a full time teacher….right….

He sees her like twice a week.



I am supposed to have Lilly from 10am until 3pm tomorrow, but she has a Girl Scout thing, which is definitely more important than visitation with her mother.  So I agreed to Sunday.  Mike won’t tell me about Sunday.  Where the visitation is going to be and who is going to supervise.  He is vehemently opposed to Lilly having visitation at my house.  I’m not sure what he thinks I keep in here….dragons?  And everyone I bring up to be a “supervisor” is shot down.  I even set up visitation at the Potter County Human Services building, which is in Roulette, which is where Mike and Lilly live.  NOPE.

Last Wednesday, when I got Lilly from 4:15pm until 6:45pm, it was a ridiculous fiasco.  I get to Mitchell Park (Mike would not agree to CARP Park, which is within walking distance of my home), and so we hang out in the library for a while.  The kids are hungry.  We are not allowed to eat in the library.  We go to the pavilion in Mitchell Park.  In freezing, windy weather, I ask the kids if they want any of the, like 60 different food choices I brought.  Nope.  Of course they don’t.  It’s freezing, and it’s a park, duh.  So the kids play.

I plead with Mike again to just let the kids go to my (warm and windless) house for supper.


Okay, so long story short–the boys end up getting picked up by Grandpa freezing cold and wet from puddles at 6pm, unfed.


I’ve had it.  I tell Melvin to rip apart his Subaru, take the carseats out, lay down the seats, and crank up the heat.  Lil and I are having a fucking picnic.

I mean….REALLY??????   These are the lengths I have to go to????  This is ridiculous.

That’s all I keep saying, over and over.

This is fucking ridiculous.

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