The Solution? What HE Said.

Such societies may generate murderers like Harper who are full of hatred, and their hatred may be against people of any faith or race. As a result, there is persistent negative media coverage. Some societies may also become desensitized to troubles that are far away from them; they sometimes forget the fact that there is no guarantee that the same might happen to them or their loved ones. They may find no one to care about them just as they did not care about those who suffer a world away.

People who are living distant from faith or moral values have constant anxiety in their hearts. For example, some Americans fear the various conflicts taking place in the Middle East as they listen to the news because America is somehow involved in some of them and thus refrain from visiting the region for any reason. They confidently yet erroneously believe in the power of their government to protect them from being harmed. The Oregon shooting proves that such beliefs are baseless since the government was helpless and could not protect the lives of ten innocent people. No government has the power to protect its people unless love and compassion are harbored in the heart of its society. However, they can achieve harmony and peace by having a loving attitude. Besides, it is not as difficult as people presume to have a society based on good morals and love since everyone bears love inside: A loveless, selfish and cruel attitude will not bring any good to anyone. Thus it should be our primary duty to teach the beauty of good morality such as showing love and compassion to people, forgiving others, enjoy giving and helping the needy, and making sacrifices on our part.

Adnan Oktar’s piece on Tehran Times:….…/What-the-Oregon-shooting…

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