About The ACLU….And Then…. Here’s The Point Everyone–I Need Your Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a comment from a concerned reader, and my reply is very important at the end.

I’m on your side I truly am but it sounds to me like so many of your rights and the rights of your children have been violated. Why is there not a child’s advocate who only represents the children and you really need to look into the civil liberties union because your rights have been violated in so many ways and you need to get this in the newspaper or TV or anyway the country can hear about this. There should also be a court appointed mediator at the courts expense. Something just doesn’t seem right and it needs to get right your kids need to be back with you. They can’t just come in and take your kids that’s one right violated because there has to be an investigation before they can take your kids unless they are in imminent danger the courts cannot tell you to stop writing your blog that’s another right violated and they should of by now appointed you an attorney that’s another right violated. This really should be told to anyone who will listen especially the media and civil liberties union.

Mary–belieeeeeeeve me, I have been trying and trying and trying to get ahold of the ACLU and get this–I WAS ACTUALLY ON THE PHONE WITH THE ACLU WHEN IN MY FATHER’S TRUCK TODAY ON THE RIDE FROM MY HOUSE WITH MY BOYS TO MY PARENT’S HOUSE TO SEE LILLY. So, I’m like–OMG, finally! Yes! Maybe there’s hope for HELP in this Hellish Nightmare Situation!!!! As I’m trying to tell her this story, I frantically am giving her the number to my parent’s home landline, because I know my cell phone is going to cut out soon and I know that this is a once in a freaking lifetime opportunity call from Philadelphia from people who are like Angels From Heaven who swoop down and literally save people’s lives–preserving their dignity, their freedom, their right to live–anyway–the phone eventually cuts out, so when we get to the house, I run in and frantically look for the phone. Jaimi’s response is to scream sing-song-ily, “I’M NOT TALKING TO YOU JESSICA!!!” while she runs away from me and slams the door to her apartment/garage. I run upstairs to catch a glimpse of my mother, clutching the phone, stomping up to the third floor to lock herself in her sewing room. This display is ALL IN FRONT OF MY THREE CHILDREN, AGES 5, 1, AND 1, AS WELL AS JAIMI’S 2 YEAR OLD. And these are the people that were chosen over me to care for my children. So you can imagine what happened. It made me sick to see the missed call labeled “ACLU” on the phone with no voicemail attached when she smugly tossed the phone at me a half an hour later and pranced off, gloating with her malignant pleasure at taking another opportunity for help away from me.
Listen–I’m doing my best here. But if other people don’t start sharing this blog far and wide, and constantly–this will continue. It’s not up to me any more. The power and strength lies in numbers in solidarity. YOU are why I write. YOU can change this. I need your help. I need EVERYBODY’S HELP. THIS MEANS NOTHING IF THE MESSAGES ARE NOT SPREAD. Do you understand? The power is in YOUR hands. I am doing ALL that I can, but I am only one badly beaten, barely standing person at this point…do you see?

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