It’s Good To Have Friends.

From a friend from way back:
So I have not read all your blogs in order and im not even sure I have read all of them but all I can say is this all is complete bs….I seriously can’t believe this is happening to you. Now im raising my kids on my own (long story with husband trying to work things out maybe) but I have seen so much worse from people and their kids don’t get taken away. I wish I could do something to help you but again single mom I feel ya on not having money im in emporium but if there is anyway I can help you at all please let me know. And I would love to know when it became illegal to have an alcohol beverage in your home to drink in your down time because I have a fire ring put back and love to sit by it and have some drinks even with my kids awake….And now I don’t know the feeling of my children passing but since when did there become a certain way one is to grieve for their children and when did coudersport government people get “PERFECT” tattooed on their heads all I can say is you are one of the strongest people I have ever seen because somehow some way you still get up and face a new day. Again anything I can help with don’t hesitate to ask please
2 hours ago
Oh my God! Thank you so much for your message! I meeeeeeeaaaannnn, it’s like CrazyTown over here!! Collins and Hensel and Company can apparently do whatever the fuck they want, ………………MEANWHILE—–MY KIDS LIVE’S ARE BEING RUINED! But nobody seems to care about that. I fucking had to scrape and beg and rob Peter to pay Paul today to get twenty freakin’ dollars to the Courthouse today –and here’s my rant– (Oh But How Pretty It Is With It’s New Paint Job And Sidewalks and Window SCHhhhhuzzzhing—-I meeeean—WTF?!) so that I didn’t go to JAIL today. Yeah that’s right–Judge Leete made an order that if I didn’t make arrangements to pay off my $168.00 debt to the Prothonotary for Mediations that were done back in March that said that I could have Lilly for two uninterrupted weeks this summer as well as 3-4 days per week overnights on a rotating schedule. NEVER HAPPENED.) So, I DID get a little fucked off at the prospect of paying for it or going to jail. I should have left a note with the payment: Here’s your Goddamn Money, Judge, and Fuck You Very Much For Wasting My Goddamn Time, Tears, Screams, and Energy Back In March To Get That Custody Agreement, Because I Am Only Allowed Now To See My Daughter For 7 1/2 HOURS PER WEEK, While Being Supervised And At The Home Of The FUCKERS That Took My OTHER Two Children!!! Okay, done ranting. …………I can’t even tell you how much even hearing from you means to me. Thanks, girl. I mean–it’s rough over here and I need all the solidarity I can get. It means the world to me.

2 thoughts on “It’s Good To Have Friends.

  1. I’m glad you posted this and that we got to hang and chat today since we obviously understand each others “crazy” minds. We definitely have to do it again and again I will help you however I can and I will fight beside you because you were wronged by so many people and need to get your children back because in all reality we arent anymore “crazy” than the ones that say we are… what do we do with our “crazy”selves we fight any way we can to get your kids home where they belong even if there is alcohol in the home. FYI DUMBASSES IT’S NOT ILLEGAL!!! Please get over your holier than thou mind set. Thanks have a great day

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