WHAT Happened At School Today????!!! OH, it’s the TEACHERS doing the bullying!

I am Lilliana Marie Ingalls natural mother. We met briefly during Kindergarten Orientation. I want you to know that Michael Ingalls (my ex-husband) and I are in the middle of an extremely contentious custody proceeding, and that Lilly’s life is absolutely horrible right now. Part of these custody proceedings have to deal with whether Lilly attends Coudersport School District (Where I, her mother, LIVE, and where HE, her father TEACHES) or Port Allegany. Her Grandmother, Brenda Bonczar, My Mother, Teaches in Coudersport also. Because Michael is a teacher in the Coudersport School District, Lilly could go there tuition free. And have a 1 mile bus ride to Mommy’s house.
So Lilly’s life goes like this:
She gets picked up AND dropped off from the school bus to and from Port Allegany from a babysitters house in Roulette.
At the present time, she gets to see Mommy and her two little brothers for 6 hours per week, in Hebron township, at Grandma Brenda’s house.
And the rest I don’t know much about.
I hope you are getting a very clear picture. Of her nightmare of a life.
I was not given an Orientation Package, nor was I given the opportunity to fill out any of the paperwork, so I don’t know the particulars of how your parent/teacher contact system works.
This little girl, the one that I hope you know I have entrusted her care to, NEEDS ALL THE SUPPORT SHE CAN GET.
Please help her. I do not expect you to babysit her, but when I have to hear from my potty-trained since 3, almost 6 year old that she had “an accident” in school because going to the bathroom isn’t allowed during nap time, and I DIDN’T GET A PHONE CALL ABOUT THIS, I BEGIN TO QUESTION WHETHER MY CHILD IS RECEIVING ADEQUATE CARE.
I’ll repeat:

Lilly told me that she was made to PEE HER PANTS IN SCHOOL and I didn’t get a phone call.

I also hear that she is made to bring her own lunch, I’d like to know more about what I can do so that she gets enough nutritious food during the school day. I will be happy to pay for her lunches.

My phone number is 716-861-4457 and if you don’t mind–I’d MUCH rather be having this conversation by telephone, so while I’ll be happy to meet with you also about this matter, but at the VERY least, I’d still like that phone call.

And by the way, if Lilly gets ANY backlash from this email, AND SHE SHOULD NOT, AS SHE IS A 5 YEAR OLD CHILD, I will know exactly where it came from.

All I am asking is that you be NICE to my DAUGHTER.

I didn’t think I had to.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Jessica Kenley

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