$255.00 in 1 Month Raised By Eleven People! This May Seem Small To You, But Hear This: THIS $255.00 KEPT ME OUT OF JAIL THIS MONTH, so That I Could Continue To Spend Time With My Children, And File More Paperwork, And Gather More Supporters. This Is NOT Just About Me And My Three Children.
THIS IS ABOUT ALL OF US!! This Is Not Right. I Will Not Stop Until It Is Made Right. I Desperately Hope With Every Aching And Worn Cell In My Body That You Will Help Me. This Isn’t About Money Anymore, Although Every Single Cent Helps. It Is MORE Helpful To Have The Courage To Share This Story, And Stick With It, Until It Is Made Right. With Me. Press The Share Button. Every Day. Until My Kids Are Back With Me WHERE THEY BELONG. Thank You Ever So Much.
Jess. Ya Know, Jess! Like Jesus, Without The U [You]! Get It?

The reason that I make this little joke so often is this:

First of all, it gets people to remember my name.

Secondly, there’s a Point To This, A Moral Of The Story, And A Take-Away Message And This Is What It Is:

Jesus Christ could not have EVER been.   The Most Famous Guy On Earth.  For The Past 2000 Years (Sorry, Miley……and ….. Taylor?  Is it?)


And Then Thought.

And Thought.

And Thought Harder.

And Then Thought Even Harder.

About What He Had Said With Such Earnest And Feeling.

And Then……..


After Much Consideration……….

Agreed With His Important Message.

And So Decided To Follow This Man, To Inquire About His Words,

And Then Spread This Glorious Message

To The World.

It Is Not Enough.

Just To Read It And Agree.

Please Take Action Also.

By Sharing.

All The Time.

A Great Man Once Said, “Change For The Better Only Comes,

With CONSTANT Struggle.”

Never Give Up.

This Is My Pledge.

I Won’t Give Up.

If You Won’t Give Up.


Thank You.

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