This Was My Fundraiser Page Update……but then I started thinking…….

This was my update on my Fundraiser Page.  It will get emailed to people who cared for me and generously gave of themselves.  I’m thinking of taking it down.  It is becoming clear to me that the right answer is to represent myself.

Well, Court went like it usually does when you don’t have a lawyer–ya get steamrolled and are left at the end crumpled in a pile of tears.  At least that’s how the last two hearings went.  Today, the hearing was about Lil and when I’m allowed to see her.  Tuesday’s from 4:15pm till 6:45pm, and Saturdays from 10am-3pm.  At my mothers house.  Give 24 hours’s notice if ya need to cancel, we gotta business to run here.  Awesome.

Six and one-half hours per week of SUPERVISED visitation.  God.  I am just heartbroken.  Even with me throwing paperwork at them over and over [But the RIGHT person (not me) didn’t present the evidence, and so it is inadmissible] about how there are NO drugs in my system and how I GO to my mental health appointments, and that I TAKE my medication as directed….I mean–what the fuck do they want???  Ugh, somebody have mercy on me.  Thank you again for those who are reading and donating–it literally means the world to me.

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