Message to cousin who asked, “How are you doing?” We haven’t spoken in years.

I’m sorry Des, I just know how this family works–and when you’re the one under the magnifying glass, people pretend to be on your side, but they aren’t. My parent’s took my boys from me because they have a lot of money and because they used my past drug and alcohol issues against me with the judge in town, who they are friends with, and painted a picture of a horrible mother who doesn’t deserve her children because I published Walking the Mile, which is not kind to my mother. This is my punishment. Drug and Alcohol Services in this county cleared me, Child Protective Services Cleared me, and the judge STILL gave the boys to them. I don’t have a lawyer, I’ve talked to about 20 (and paid all of their consultation fees), and they won’t take the case, because Mike jumped right on board with them—-so I have umpteen attorneys against me making up these ridiculous overblown speculative stories about how I raise my children. Ridiculous. Here’s what it boils down to: My mother is furious with me for telling the truth.

This was about a week ago.  No response.  Typical.

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