I’ll Just Have To Do It Myself Then.


Still no lawyers, and it’s lookin’ like there won’t be one, so…….I better put my game face on–even though I had a pretty invasive and disturbing OB/GYN appointment this morning.  I have a Contempt Hearing at 1pm–the one I filed against Mike for never letting me see Lilly–we’ll see if the Judge even considers it.  God.  I hate this so much I want to scream.  In fact that’s what I did the night before last, when Mr. Bunyon came over to help me with my computer (and my sanity) and brought his goofy dog Hades.  We went for a midnight walk and I did scream.  Sometimes ya gotta just let it out.

Annnnnnnnd of course when I got back from my grueling OB appointment in which I was diagnosed with yet another gynecological funparty disesase–Endometriosis with Adenomyosis–

Treatment #1 Progesterone–Eh, I can handle that.  If that fails–

Treatment #2 Ablation– GrrrrrrrrhowmanyfreakingsurgeriesdoIhavetoHAVEinthislifetime?!!

And if that fails–well, we all know what’s next–


Of course my mother said it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

ANYWAY–when I got home, in the mailbox, stamped, signed, and dated, was a letter from Annette Easton Notifying Me Of An Impending BENCH WARRANT for my arrest if I do not cough up $164.49 for court costs in the next ten days.

Jesus God, does it ever end??

In other, better news (FOR ONCE!), I have been asked by Silvia Corradin herself, EB Advocate, Author, Speaker, and EB Mom, to speak on her radio show next week!!  YAY!!!!

Oh–and this is a post from one of my friends from way back that I am grateful for:

Jessica, you and I were never close in school, but my heart bleeds for you. I wish I had enough money to pay a lawyer to help you. I’ve read your blog and I believe “judge” Minor shouldn’t sit the bench. Hell, anyone from a religious law school shouldn‘t be allowed to take the bar on my opinion. We have separation of church and state for a damn good reason. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. You were screwed out of your rights and shushed out of having custody of your kids. Have you tried contacting the state attorney general? If not, please do. If they don’t help, call the next day and the next and the next….something has to give. Your hearing was FUCKED! You cannot take people children on hearsay. You cannot shush people who want to defend themselves. God! I want to throat punch people on your behalf and like I said, we weren’t close. I just can’t deal with people I know, close or not, losing their freaking kids for crazy small town bullshit.

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