Dr. Maryann Rigas–“Expert Witness” in the Partial Trial that was held in which my boys were taken from me

Testified that one of the problems SHE had with the boys’ was their very slow growth–always forward, never backward–but it wasn’t good enough.  Here’s a post from a Mommy of a little girl who was born in the very same NICU that we were in–Dubois–and she was from the same town too–so we became friends.  Her Little One tried to die a few times, but faith, medicine, and love pulled her through, and here’s what she posted today about HER 19 month old–

Our little peanut weighs 14lbs 7oz! And is 28.5in long. She made out well at the doctors. He is impressed with her improvements. She is almost all caught up with her height.

So I guess it depends on which doctors you take your preemies to–and who they’re friends with–because MY 22lb, 18-month old Preemie twin boys got a terrible report in which TWO women doctors (Maryann Rigas and Hongye Li) decided on HEARSAY ALONE, that MY SONS SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM MY CUSTODY.  AND THEN THEY WERE.  Not by CYS, mind you–by Judge Minor, because of the following writeup in both my sons’ charts:
Here’s the report–straight from the imperious witches mouth, when my mother and sister brought in my twin boys to Coudersport Pediatrics with complaints of coughing for 4 days, fever for 2, and sickness contact with GM and Aunt who have strep throat.  Normal activity and appetite:
History also provides (on hearsay alone that) Mom was hospitalized due to bipolar, drugs, and alcohol issues.  CYS has been involved (yup, ever since 3 days before that, when Collins called them because the witch next door felt like throwing a hissy fit when I told her to shut up) and GM has been placed to take care of patient and his twin brother.  Mom still has custody.
Sleep in a pack and play, share room [at GM house].
Positive: 3 block tower, Climbs, ASpontaneous with affection, Helps in house, Mama, Dada specific (??), Indicates wants w/o cry, Explores, Follows simple commands, Uses cup, little spillage, Handles spoon well.  Negative: Speaks 6 words (NOT TRUE), walks alone quickly, walks up steps.  (That’s a negative??)
General: 18M Well Child Check
General Appearance: Active Toddler
Parent-Child Interaction: Appropriate (even though no parent present?)
Normal, normal, normal, down the list.
Respiratory Effort: Breathing Unlabored, no retractions.
Circumcised: Yes (NOPE)
Routine child health exam
Upper respiratory infection
Developmental Delay, MILD
CUSTODY ISSUE  (Since when is this a medical concern??)
Social Issue:
Dad is not in the picture of Jaxon and his twin brother’s life.  MOM IS A DRUG ABUSER AND ALCOHOLIC AND HAS BIPOLAR DISORDER.  Now mom is admited (sic) in St. Clair (?) Hospital involuntary for management.  CYS has been involved in this case (MMMHMMM…For 3 whole days–and the end of that sentence is that ALL the allegations were found to be UNFOUNDED).  GM takes care of Jaxon and his twin brother under the help of their Aunt [this, apparently, is my sister Jaimi–fittest of all mothers–HA!] (MmHm–ever since 3 days ago).  Mom still has their custody.  (STILL??  I just found out I was all of these rotten things!  The welfare of my children under my care has never been challenged until now!)  Mom missed Jaxon’s 15 month WCC and his pediatric pulmonology consult appointment (No I did NOT.  I RESCHEDULED it 5 times because of either transport, money, or illness issues–no thanks to my parents–THEY never offered to drive the 6 HOUR round trip for me, OR accompany me, OR watch my OTHER two kids while I did it!  That’s why I ended up taking him to Geisinger on an Emergency basis in DECEMBER to GET HIM ON THE RIGHT MEDS.)  Mom also does not have custody for Jaxon’s half sister (UMMM…YES I DO–split legal, with mostly physical at Dad’s house, but 3-4 days a week with me–working on more–sorry I’m not a fucking millionaire!).  AND HERE’S THE CLINCHER:  DR. RIGAS AND I THINK MOM SHOULD NOT HAVE THE CUSTODY OF JAXON AND HIS TWIN NEITHER.   (This is verbatim) DR. RIGAS CALLED CYS AND DISCUSSED THIS CASE.
Jaxon has had global developmental delay and he has not been able to walk and only speak 2 words.
He was referred to early intervention.  (Has been in for more than a year now), GM states she does not know if mom allowed him to receive the service from early intervention (SHE COULD HAVE JUST LOOKED IN THE PRECEDING MEDICAL NOTES TO FIND THIS OUT)  I called early intervention in Potter County and left a message to early intervention reception that early intervention has to call GM to make sure Jsxon receive his service.  I also advise GM to call early intervention to discuss this issue.  Jaxon is growing on his own curve.  His weight is at %5ile, height just below 25%ile and HC above 95%ile.  He has dental care the clinic and had teeth cleaning today.  GM will continue to give him oral multivitamin and fluoride (which she failed to do–didn’t take any of his MEDICATION or nebulizers to her house EITHER during that two week stay).  Counseled GM regarding benefits and possible side effects of diptheria, acellular pertussis, tetanus, and haemophilus influenzae diseases and vaccine components.  GM consents to administration of these vaccines.  It is too soon for him to receive hep A vaccine #2
WCC in 3 months and RTC sooner as needed.
The End.

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